About LilyLulu

Welcome to LilyLulu where you'll find a spectrum of unique and beautiful bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, button holes, corsages, pomanders and vintage hair accessories all made with a lot of tender loving care and an eye for detail!

My name is Lucy, I established LilyLulu in 2009 after I got married. Like most brides - I wanted something individual, stylish, elegant and unique for our special day - but I also had to work with a budget. I was frustrated by the lack of imaginative bouquet designs that were provided to me in fresh flowers - and also being tied to flowers that were in season. Also, I didn't want my bouquet to die and be a very distant memory of the day - I wanted it to last forever - a keepsake for me to treasure. So I decided to look at artifical flowers instead. When I researched the internet for artificial wedding flower specialists I was so disappointed with the quality and feel of the bouquets - they looked so cheap and nasty but were still outrageous prices.

I had a very specific image of the type of bouquet I wanted - classy, sparkly (I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly things!) and full of beautiful flowers that made a statement and complemented the wedding's theme. I was completely adamant that I did not want something that I would see replicated a thousand times in so many boring wedding photo's.

So I delved into the unknown and made everything myself! Many hours later, I completed my bridal bouquet, 2 matching bridesmaids bouquets, 2 bridesmaid wrist corsages, 5 button holes and 3 mother's corsages - and I enjoyed every second of it!

The day came and went (so quickly!) but I still look upon my beautiful bouquet, which has pride of place in a wonderful vase in my dining room, with extremely fond memories. It is a constant reminder of all the feelings of the preparations and the actual day which was perfect.

The positive's of LilyLulu products are endless.

Every bouquet is unique - you will never see another the same. Every bride is unique - her bouquet and style should be also.

The flowers will not die - so you aren't spending your budget on something that wont last a lifetime. These can also provide amazing and beautiful gifts to your bridesmaids!

Bouquets and accessories can be completely bespoke to your requirements - colour schemes and themes can be easily integrated.

You can have all your flowers in advance of your big day - so you wont have to worry about drooping flowers, or getting the button holes to a separate location or another headache of organising the logistics! You can relax months/weeks in advance that you have your flowers there with you. Also, you can take them along to dress fittings to get a real feel for everything together - same with the bridesmaid bouquets and accessories.

There is no worry about getting stains from pollen or green marks from the stems on your wedding dress either. You want your beautiful dress to remain stain free throughout the day - especially for those all important photo's!

The sceptics of artifical flowers would say "but artifical flowers don't give off any scent" - well most can be lightly sprayed with your favourite scent - maybe the perfume you are going to be wearing or a more natural floral ascent.

They are perfect for location weddings - they travel fine as long as they are packed well - with a little light steam over hot water they will spring back into life if they have got a little crushed in transit.

And finally, you can rest assured that you would be getting gorgeous 'boutique feel' designs and superior quality than some other commercial artificial flower bridal bouquet retailers.